Tallahassee is a Boston-based quartet comprised of former New England Patriot lineman and current frontman, Brian Barthelmes, along with Scott Thompson on guitar, Shawn Carney on bass, and Matt Raskopf on drums. 

I first heard Tallahassee at Radio (formerly "Club Choices") in Union Square. Opening for Vineyard vagabonds, Nina Violet and Willy Mason, in a brand new run-down venue on a Sunday night is not an easy feat, but these guys had the crowd bouncing and singing along immediately. Mixing elements of roots rock, low drum lines, and catchy guitar riffs, Tallahassee's tunes stayed ingrained in my mind well after they'd left the stage. It's no surprise that most of the crowd left with them. 

We were lucky enough to host the very talented and equally friendly guys in our living room in November, where they played songs from their debut 2011 album, Jealous Hands, along with a new love song called "My Days With You." Check back at a later date for the video. Below you can see Tallahassee performing "Time" from Jealous Hands. 

Pick up a copy of Jealous Hands here:  Each 3-minute song will leave you wanting more. It's been playing on repeat since November in our house. Happy listening.