The Wooden Sky (KS# 18 + Contest!)

I first read about The Wooden Sky on Visible Voice, and quickly jumped on board. Luckily, the last stop on their tour was only a mile away from the KS house on a Friday, and they were willing to extend their trip by a day to play a matinee KS for us before heading back to Toronto. We all woke up only about an hour before the first guests arrived, rolled up the sleeping bags and carried out the couches, and transformed a mess of a living room into the 'performance area':

'North Dakota' (from When Lost at Sea)

They played a full set in the living room, then had everyone follow them to the kitchen to legitmize the 'Session', then played a stripped down version of 'Take Me Out' on the porch:

'Take Me Out' (City of Light EP)

I urge you all to familiarize yourself with their music and to prepare for what is sure to be one of the best shows of 2012, whenever they make it back to Boston.

VV and KS will be hosting a contest to give away a bunch of merch donated by the band (two vinyl's, two cd's, t-shirt, cassette) in the coming weeks on our facebook pages, so head over there and look us up if you haven't already. A huge thanks to Visible Voice for the introduction, to The Wooden Sky for graciously accepting the invitation to come play for us.