KS # 42 Shea Vaccaro, Haunt the House

I really like trying to compare bands to each other.  That game where you say so and so is like this and that and sounds like if this guy and that girl combined, had a baby and then had the baby grow up to play better music than them, causing a little bit of envy in the parents, which you can hear in the gloriously metaphorical yet slightly emotionally damaged sound of so and so's spawn.  


If I were to play that game with Shea Vaccaro I'd say he sounds like if The Tallest Man On Earth sounded like a less English version of that dude from The Kooks after having been coached by Bon Iver.  He's got a very nice voice that is calming and authentic and you should try and play this game as you listen to him, because it would be hard to compare his sound to one other artist.  




I like the decription for Haunt the House on their bandcamp; "Haunt the House, (Will Houlihan) falls somewhere between a bedroom whispered heart broken prayer and a brilliant repentant cry in the dark."  Haunt the House plays my game very well and they get bonus points for that in my eyes.  When I listen to Haunt the House I picture myself walking down a path alongside a rather large lake wearing a coat I made myself.  This comes in a montage with images of me sitting on big rocks and staring into the distance, throwing pebbles and coming across a brave and friendly deer.  You can envision your own montage with a listen to these two songs of his.   




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